Dear Friends in the Lord,

Greetings go to you and your family in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who made
heaven and earth. Cripple Fellowship for God Children, is a fellowship that is for the
neglected cripple of the Society. People in our society believe that cripple are curse
because they felt that they are unclean but God made me see them as HIS children and
they are special even with there predicament.

The LORD sent me to the cripple community 2 years ago, to spread HIS word, I refused but
the Lord always have HIS way, at first it wasn’t easy for me but the Lord gave me
strengths in other for me to carry out this great task. By HIS grace I can tell you that the
cripple in the community are so happy and most of them have giving there life to Christ
ever since I have been with them.

One of the greatest challenges we are facing in this community
is lack of Christian books
that will enable them to grow well in Christ.
 A brother gives me your address, so I
decided to write with faith to plead for your help of bibles.
Please try and help us with 30
giant print bibles
. This gift we be a great blessing to this souls. There are about 121
cripple in the community and it is only 52 cripple that have giving the life to Christ
, but we
want to bring more to Christ, we fellowship under a tree,
about 25 of them can read, when
the gift of bibles comes they we share the bibles among themselves, in other for them to
be able to read one after the other but if you can send more bibles glory be to God.

The book of psalm 82:3-4 it talks about (Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless,
maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy, deliver them
from the hands of the wicked, this were some the word the Lord always showed me that
touch my heart to help them without holding back, I believe this verse will still touch you
to assist us with bibles that we bless this souls.

Our community is very far from the city, it took us months to look for money to send you
this email begging you in the name of God for you help of Bibles that is going to be a
blessing to the neglected cripple of EGOR LOCAL GOVT AREA. I pray God speak to you so
that you can be of great help to this people that are filling rejection in the society. We will
be happy to hear from you soon. Please you can send it through POST OFFICE for easy

Please you can email us, so that we can go to the city ones in a week to reply you lack.
Proverbs 28:27 says. He who gives to the poor will lack nothing but he who closes his
eyes to them received many curse. I know God we use you to bless souls. Everlasting
Blessing is upon you as you help

Yours Fighting For God Neglected Children.
The sound of this generation will sing a new song:
Unity  is the Key to Victory
Please Send Bibles, Testimonies
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Nigeria, Africa

Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How is the
Ministry? It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to bless and reward
you. I am Evangelist ____________ from Nigeria. A team of 7 women
Preacher including myself have been carrying on preaching work in the
Village by visiting door to door meeting every person, conducting street
Rallies convening prayer meetings cell meetings and distribution Gospel
Literatures we are able to win many souls for the glory of the Lord.

We are happy to work for Christ and to expand the services of Christ in a
Different ways and this is a very big village we need to work hard.

For this reason, I am appealing to your church to come to help us please
Send 24 copies of Holy Bibles, Christian Books, Pens a study of Holy
Bible for my personal use. This material will be distributed freely to our
Newly members.

I am strongly and hopefully praying for the growth of your ministry with
His infinite mercy will not permit unfortunate things to happen to us. May
The Lord bless you and protect you and give you more strengthen to do this
Kingdom work for him.

Yours faithfully,

Evangelist _______________
Servant of God,

Calvary greetings to you and the members of your church.
Love of Christ Church is committed with the mission of saving Souls from the kingdom of
Satan into the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

My name is Sister Mrs _________ and it was really a great miracle for person like me to get
Saved because I was the servant of my Father in his Idol Worship and Since I got saved I
Have this Passion of reaching as many Souls as possible with the saving message of our
Lord so that these Souls do not perish.

I am excited to inform you that my Daddy who is an idol Worshipper and my
Mother are now saved through the mighty Power of God, and they are
As well preaching the saving message of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
To other Unbelievers especially those who are into idols Worship and I am
Glad to let you know that they are also ministering to those who will come to get felish
power from them not knowing that they are not NEW CREATURE

Brethren in Christ, what a joy to see muslims renouncing their religion and accepting the
Good News of our Lord. Last Year 2010, God has used me to win 11 muslim Brothers and
Sisters to the Lord and they are glad to see what the Lord is doing through them.

By the grace of God we can work together in reaching more and more Souls
For the Kingdom of God through your Support with materials we can reach
More and more Souls for Christ this year 2010.
I am writing you to help us with 18 giant print Bibles for Precious Souls who need them to
Study God words properly
and they cannot buy one because they can hardly feed
And they are hungry for God’s word. These Precious Souls are above 60 years old and
Cannot read small character Bible and I pray that the Lord will use you and your church to
Meet this need.
We also
have an Orphanage home and Please keep
Praying for these
10 Precious Children whose Parents died of HIV/AIDS that
God will use us to bring them up to His Glory. And I would love you to
Come to my Country and minister God’s Word to these Precious Souls of God.
Looking forward to your respond my Brethren in the Lord.

Wining Souls Always,