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Dee Knupp moved to Arizona from Alabama to care for her maturing parents; little did she know GOD had much bigger plans for her there.

After moving there she began attending the First Assembly of God Church where the LORD impressed her to begin an Intercessory Prayer

Before long Dee began hearing another voice praying and interceding; that is where she met Marilyn Hines. We had both been sent there
for pruning, cleansing and teaching.

We began meeting and praying together at the church most every morning before work. In the process we learned that our destiny’s were
very similar and from that point on became close friends and later ministering together in different areas of church work: Children’s
Church, Sunday School, cleaning the church, praying, visiting hospitals and shut-ins, Praise team worship, etc.

During times of prayer the LORD began dealing with Dee about the power of unity in the body of Christ. Later during prayer GOD gave
Marilyn the symbol of His unity…His Cross.

Next, again during prayer, the LORD told Dee He wanted her to march around the city and claim it for Him. She was excited about doing it
but wondered how one person could. The LORD answered this way, “I want you to ask all the churches to join you.” Thus began our first
mission to join all His people in one goal.

From that point on God began a work that continues to expand wider and wider as we learn to trust HIM more and more.

When we finished the ‘first’ mission there God began moving us out. First He moved Marilyn to Tennessee to continue her education. Next
Dee met Bob, and soon after that moved to Georgia to be married and there continue the ministry (the LORD had told Dee earlier Georgia
would be where my ministry began).

As the third anniversary of the march around the city approached, GOD began moving Marilyn again and she moved to Georgia to join in
ministry again, as we planned a rally to that city.   We have continued learning to trust and walk closer to faith day by day, precept upon
precept line upon line as He directs; ever growing spiritually.

We both knew GOD was going to do a marvelous work in Arizona with a Youth Worship Center, but since coming up from LoDeBar, (we call
it our training place) our mission and vision has grown clearer and much, much larger. To learn more about Power In Unity expanding click
vision and/or mission. To hear more about each individually click on: Bob or Dee or Marilyn.

Power In Unity covets your prayers and hope you will desire to become part of our visions and missions in GOD’s kingdom work.  

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Greeting to all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The sound of this generation will sing a new song:
Unity  is the Key to Victory and Power
In Christ love and the fellowship of
His body
Bob, Dee and Marilyn
In Christ love and the fellowship of
His body
Bob, Dee and Marilyn
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