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Testimonies From Nigeria
Dear Beloved in Christ,

Peace to you and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ are with you, family and ministry in
the Almighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

It pains a lot to live in grieves and distress in this unfeeling world. Many cry but they can
find neither food nor shelter. I see poverty and many pains in life. Life was rough,
survival was tough, I survived because I am born to survive, and above all I am alive
today, because of God divine intervention.

My name is Ede, I was born on the 3rd day of may 1964 in a little village in northern part of
Nigeria. During my childhood to adult stage I tasted and passed through all the
difficulties in life as an orphan in my early age. I was born and abandoned with a old
nanny in a village, after the death of my both parent at age six in that far northern Nigeria.

After the death of the old nanny Eight years later, life turned out to be strange and I
slowly degenerated into drunkenness and all other forms of satanic oppressions. I call
this an era of total loss of control. I had bad luck over and over on my choice of friends. I
became a hopeless slave to every contemptible habit, slave to fear, depression, smoking
and immorality.

Within these years, I had no time to reflect on any moment of my life. It was the pains;
frustration and loneliness that I encountered that brought me to a personal relationship
with Jesus. I was so ashamed that I was too dull and careless to realized and recognized
the many times God speaking to me before my repentance.

Two years later God place a vision in my heart, to evangelize through Markets, Prisons,
Hospitals, Schools, villages where Christ have not be heard before and to Teach, Preach
and Demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ to our communities, so that people’s faith
will not rest in man’s wisdom, but in the power of God and destroy the works of darkness.

This mission is been carried out by me and eight other members of the local church
assemble which I fellowship.

The church is Pastor by Pastor David. We depends on the Lord to move the hearts of
friends and people who are impressed or blessed with what we are doing.

Beloved, I have a need; I want you to no off.
I need a Bible for my use. I would want you to
send me a
KJV Bible large print, I cannot afford to buy a copy because it is too
Please, on behalf of our converts who cannot afford to buy a bible, please
send 45 copies of giant print bibles for distribution, the demand is pressing.
We need
plenty of bibles for converts who cannot afford to buy a bible. Other Christian books are
necessary. Whatever amount of bibles you sent to us we are highly appreciated.

Please help us in prayer that God should move the heart of people towards this need.
Thank you very much, and I hope you will understand. Please do not hesitate to send you
support of Gods materials, we are praying for you and all your efforts in trying to assist.
As for us, we simply press forward in the proclamations of the wonderful message of
salvation committed to our trust. I have faith that our God we use this great ministry to
assist us with bibles. Thanks and God bless you in thousand folds. I am hoping to hear
from you very soon.

Yours in Gods Glory
Faith to fellowship

Dear Friend in Christ,
God’s love is so great that he deserve our all time, talent and treasure, such love can
never be repaid. But, certainly deserve our very best, Christian greets of love to you in
the wonderful name of our Glorious-Redeemer, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Being born into a family of 6 and I am the eldest child of my parents. My parents are into
traditional worship of gods and they always used me to make sacrifices. A time came,
when my father became seriously sick and he told us that, he offended the gods that is
why they afflicted him. We took my father to many so places far and near to look for the
cure of his illness. All were to no avail. A brother in Christ preaching the Gospel, came to
our house, during his evangelism and it was in the evening, we all sit outside of our
house including my sick father who was on a wheelchair.
This brother shared the word of God with us and told us that God can heal my father, if
he confesses and forsake his sins. I told this brother that, if God you talked about can
heal my father. I will serve Him all the days of my life. After his ministration, he led my
father through the Salvation Prayer and miraculously, my father woke up the following
day by himself and start praising God that he can new walk with no pain again, that the
illness has depart from him. We all were amazed at the power of God which took likeness
in Him.  The miracle of my father led to my salvation and working in the vineyard of God. I
am very happy for what the Lord has done. My mum and the remaining 5 of my father’s
children gave their lives for the salvation of Christ. Praise His only Name.
Here in our house are 4 aging people, who bow their knees and confessed their sins to
God with their real hearts and minds, because in my father’s weakness they saw God’s
strength made him strong. Now, they believed that God is Mighty and He is the Real God
of Creation and Salvation. These
4 aging people are not able to walk as they do had in
the past and they are in great need of KJV Bibles that super giant print words
Bibles will
be helpful for their studies and for their research. Please, kindly and honestly send it to 4
of them. There are still other aging people in the area we lived here who have repented
of their sins.
They loved to be reading the Bibles, so as for them to know more about the
deep word of God.
But they do not have Bibles and each of them deeply beg to have a
Could you please make sure you also send such KJV super giant print words Bibles
to them. They are 7 in number. We were not able to buy these 11 Bibles for them, as we
have exhausted all we have for our father’s illness.
Poverty is a big way of our living now.
Please, so not let failure be the result of this request. Try to do whatever you can to help
us with these requests Bibles for our aging as a one time help. I am anxiously looking
forward to hearing a good report from you. I may never be able to meet you this side of
heaven. But, when we all get there. Please, look for us and we will look for you as well
that we can finally meet in person and rejoice together in the greatness of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ. For—“Greater is He that is in You than he that is in the world…”
May God’s love and peace be with you and those near and dear to you. I look forward to
hearing from you, when you receive this letter. The Lord is your Strength and I pray that
He who has called you to serve Him will continue to pour His rain of blessings upon you
and your loved ones. I pray also that, as you help us, especially right now at this our
critical hour, you will reap multiple harvest of financial abundance and blessings for this
help you will do for us all.

May Blessings my friend and Neighbour in Christ,

P.S. my
dad and mum are in much need of 2 KJV Thompson Chain Reference Bibles to
use for their studies and in praising the Lord over here. I myself need the
Annotated Reference Bible that is authorized KJV.
I need it personally for my studies
research and teaching preparation over here, as we have open our house for the Lord’s
service with these our precious aging people and other people who love to serve God
with us. Please, show us God’s love and your concerns over this request. I John 3:17.
This is my email address,________________ to contact us. We are waiting to hearing from
you, to know the position of your assisting us with these Bibles needed. Writing above is
our mailing address to send to Bibles to us.
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