Dearest Beloved in Christ,

I am praying that this email get to you in good health, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Praise be to God for a day like this, to send you this email that is sent to you with the
Love of Christ.

Beloved, My name is Rev. ________________, my wife Pastor Jennifer and myself
The Lord have use us to bring RESTORATION TO LOST SOULS.

Our Mission Statement

God has called this congregation to courageously represent the kingdom of God
Through witness, discipleship and service to others. We take seriously the Scriptures,
prayer and the call to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly before God” (Micah
3:8). God is preparing us, through prophetic preaching and teaching, to bring the
Hope of the Gospel to our community and “take every thought captive to Christ”
Reaching out to the World Preaching to the Unsaved Teaching the Saved to Serve
To teach, preach, and baptize all who will heed “The Word”
We believed in the Blood of Jesus ad that Jesus came to die for our sin.
We believed in evangelism and Evangelism is our supreme task.
We believed in the word of God.

The Lord have done great things in our ministry, we intend to do more things for the
Kingdom of God.
Please we pray that you
send us 6 bibles and tracts, so that we can share to those
That are save and those that are eager to study Gods word.

We will be prayerfully hoping to hear from you soonest via email or phone call on
How you can assist us with this great gift of bibles.

God bless you.

Yours in Christ
The sound of this generation will sing a new song:
Unity  is the Key to Victory
Testimony, Helping other Christians
Dear Beloved in CHRIST

I was move to write you this letter when all hopes were lot about my serving the LORD. I
have been persuaded to go into prostitution by my Aunty and that I don’t want to, but
resorted to contact you for your ADVISE. It is my sincere wish that this mail meet you in
good health, pardon me writing you this way, but I have no other alternative than to
wrote you.

My name is Jane and I am a 23 years old girl. I was a student of the Use Politecnic in Usen
Migeria, before I recently lost both parents to a ghastly motor accident, My dad is a
Nigerian and my mother was from Ghana, I was born in Nigeria, but after the death of my
parents, I started staying with my dad sister, that was when my problems started. My
Aunty is not all that too educated, I can say she does not know the value of education,
she has been trying to persuade me into prostitution, 3 of her daughters are prostituting
in Europe, but I told her that I want to continue to serve GOD, she frowned at all my lead
to go to church.

I have been begging her but to no avail, but she is still bent on persuading me to go into
prostitution, my late parents always told me that if I dedicate my time and become a
faithful Christian that I will become great, but I can now see it as something that I might
never achieve, because she have been a pest in my serving the LORD.

I just want to thank God today because I am now born again and many souls have be
bless also through me. It is not too easy because my aunty is still persuading me into
prostitution. Please advise and pray for me.

Please let me just ask this favor from you. I pray you willing be to help me
I need 5 bibles
for myself and People around me
that have gave there life also to Christ. I had a dream
that somebody send me bible and I gave one of the bible to a friend and instantly she
gave her life to Christ, that is why I have been looking for somebody to help me out, until
I saw your email on the net, I decided to email you for help, please I will be very glad if
you can help me out with my

Please just do this for me, let that which you want ot give to me, be a blessing to me. You
might be wondering how I got your email but I searched for it, I will be expecting your
mail to know how you can help me, my email address is __________ please I will be
expecting your email.

My regards to your family,
Sincerely Yours
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Calvary greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus

I am the founder of Dominion and ___________ Church here in
___________________________. I am totally sad when I came home from Evangelism to
find my three Children and Wife dead and they
Were killed by Muslims Radicals. On that that same date 17th of
February twenty one Churches were burnt down and ours was among
And right now we are fellowshipping under the Tree. We are about one
Hundred and fifteen members. Please continue to join us in prayers
That God Almighty will continue to protect us here and nothing will
happen to us. We are passing through tough persecution and I know
God will see us through by His power.

I am sending this letter believing God that you will help our ministry
With Bibles. We are in need of 27 Giant Print Bibles and I also appeal
For you to help me with a Study Bible because the one I have was lost
When the muslim radical set me house ablaze and also the 27
Brethrens who are in need of these Bibles lost there own as well
Through the burning down of there houses by these muslim radicals. I
Pray that God Almighty will touch their hearts to know the evil they
Have done.

Please, continue to join me in prayers and please keep praying for the

Rest of us that God Almighty will continue to protect us from the
Hands of these wicked muslims.

Looking forward to respond beloveth.

Wining Souls For Christ,