Prophetic Words from the Lord


From the Holy Spirit to Dee

I tell you the Youth will bring in a great revival.  They will receive: Greater revelations, Preach powerful sermons;
Their worship will be anointed, Their singing, and Their prayers will be a sweet savor to ME

Because of obedience the scales will fall from their eyes.  They will see clearly the definition of  My purpose and
plan.  The FIRE I set in them will not be put out, but the more hindering forces come the closer they will draw to drink
from the Fountain that increases not decreases.

The FIRE they will set, the smoke will rise up and spread throughout this place.  To choke the enemy and increase
the BODY!!!

The seeds you’ve planted have fallen on good soil and will spring forth ‘SUDDENLY’ and ‘POWERFULY’.  They will
not be turned aside by worldly pressure, but will fight the fight and walk the walk for I will put in them a hunger and
thirst the world CAN NOT fill.  Signs and wonders will follow them because they see ME; Hunger for ME.  They will
begin standing their watch.  They will call and I will answer.

Youth fear nothing but I will turn that to MY good.  As the enemy comes in to hinder they will lift up the ‘SWORD’ for
battle and run, run into it, believing ME to fight for them: ’The battle is MINE’, says the LORD, The SWORD is raised
and Victory is theirs!

Victory is in ME, I am the BEGINNING and the END.  I AM ALPHA and OMEGA.  I am, the I AM!  Creation is mine, you
are mine, now see MY  SALVATION.  See MY GLORY, See MY TRUTH!

They are strong and fearless and your faithfulness will usher in this stampede of Youth; This Army that CAN NOT be
stopped…..‘FEAR NOT’..…They will hear, They will listen, They will March.

satan will be exposed in their eyes, and his chains will fall like dust to the ground.

A new release of MY Power is coming, New Revelations, Dreams to be released.  

Stand and Watch!  Stand and Watch!  All is well.  I come, I come, Stand in awe as I work.  See MY Salvation, see MY
plans unfold.  You will see many souls saved with one swoop of MY hand with one twinkle of MY eye.  I will smile
greatly upon this place.  

Watch and see MY Salvation, MY plan unfold before your eyes.  I will replace those tears with laughter and your
sorrow I will turn into joy.  

Watch I say Watch, for I Am here to do and perform MY WILL, MY WAY, in MY TIME!  



Message – October 07 2007

Change coming, there is a GREAT change coming and more revelation of My Spirit will be revealed to this
generation. And I am sending you forth I am sending you forth to the four winds; to the four corners that you may
preach My Word. That you may preach salvation unto the poor, the maimed, haltered, depressed and deprived. That
they may know who their God is. That they may know that I care. You will go forth in My Love. You will go forth with
My compassion.

You will go forth in the Power of the Spirit. My Spirit says the Lord will lead you and guide you. It is a deeper thing,
deeper wells of My Spirit and My heart today. For He knows, He knows the deep thing of My heart, and He is out to
reveal in a greater way to this generation; things to come, things that I have promised.

Look, look for the un-usual. Do not look for the same but look for change; for change is coming. Great change is

Fear not, fear not to step out and know that you are not going to step out and know that I am the one who is changing
things. I am in your mist and I see the cry of your heart. And I hear the words of your mouth.

This morning I am here for you to open the doors and if you will open those doors this morning I am here to bring
down those strongholds. Those things that hold you back. Those things that cause you not to be able to walk into My
perfect love.

This morning I hear the cry, I hear the cry and My ears are tuned. My ears are tuned and My eyes to know all things.
Just come unto Me and trust Me and I will show you the way. I will not allow your foot steps to falters. I will not allow
you to slip. But trust Me, believe in Me. Know that I am God and I am the God of your soul this morning. I am the God
that guides your path and your feet into the path of righteousness. Know that I am GOD!

He will come to steal but your strength is in My love. Your strength is in the Unity of the Body. Remember the
strength is in the Unity of the Body. The strength is in My love. He will try to come and steal that but if you will allow
Me I will take those strongholds and I will bury them beneath My feet. For all things, the principalities, the powers are
under My feet. I am in you and you are in Me. Trust Me and believe My Words for I have spoken and what I speak will
come to pass. Believe what I have said this morning.

I have given you the weapons, I have given you the weapons of worship and the weapons of prayer and the weapons
of My Words. I have given you everything that you need to defeat the enemy. For I am in you and you are in Me, and
we are One. Unity and Love is the secret.

I hear the cry of your heart and I see your love for Me. My daughter fear not I will not allow you to fall and I am
holding you up. Understand that the Love and Unity is the binds and Peace that passes all understanding. Open up
every door and I will come in. I will come in and I will cleanse and I will purify and I will cause you to go to higher
heights and deeper depths than you ever dreamed. Dare to dream. Dare to step out and you will see that I am your
God and I am with you and I will break every stronghold.

What I speak to you I speak to all. For he has had a stronghold upon My church and I am releasing; that if one by one
they come to Me and they bow before Me and they understand who I am. The Word becomes a reality within their
heart and in their soul and they understand that My Word is what causes the enemy to Bow; My Word is what
caused him to be defeated. Listen! Quote My Word. I have given you the Word. Tell him who you are in Me. Do not
allow him to put you down; for I am the God that created you and I have created you for such a time as this.

This is the generation that will see the mighty works of God upon this earth. The prophets and kings of old wish to
see and they were not able to see. But you, My children, will see these mighty acts come forth.

Because I am building an army and that army will not be defeated….it cannot be defeated. That army is an army that
I am purifying and I am cleansing; and because they are willing, because they are willing to open those doors.

Because they are willing to allow Me to come in and to cleanse every portion; They allow Me to do. Yes the enemy
will try to counterfeit Me but he cannot because you know My voice and you hear what I have to say. My sheep
know which way to go….Listen to Him…continue to walk in My Word for I will not fail you I am here to protect….I am
here to cover…..I am here to cleanse.


Be encouraged, My children, be encouraged and fear not. Be not concerned about the next step you will take, with
My blessings that are about to flow, for they are about to flow, they are about to flow from the heavenly gates.

Unto thee, unto thee, unto thee, I have tested thee, and I have tried thee and I have found you faithful this day.

That I may trust you with the wealth of the world, with the wealth of heaven; it is all at thy disposal, but at the same
time Beware! Beware! Beware! Be cautious! Watch! Watch! For the enemy will try to steal that, that I give unto thee,
Be careful what I say unto thee, Be careful what I give unto thee. Season it with prayer. Season it with fasting.

Do not look to the right and do not look to the left, but look straight into My face. I will tell you how to use these wealth’
s and how to, how to express it and how to give it this day if you will lean upon Me.

But Beware! For the enemy will try to steal that thing I have given unto thee. Do not fear; do not fear, but step out into
that unknown place that I am placing you today. I am going to take you into a deeper place, a place that you have
never been. I am going to show revelations unto you that I have never shown to anyone. Oh yea, yea the prophets of
old have wished to see those things that you are about to see.  They wish to take part in those things you are about
to take part of.

But you, My children are the chosen generation, you are the chosen generation that will lead into the coming of the
glory of God upon this earth. You are the ones that will set forth those steps, you are in that, that number, you are in
that number that will take My Word to the nations, that will take My Word across this nation; that My glory may fill
this place once again.

My church will be revived. I am sending a revival, I am sending revival among the nations, not just your nation, but
among the nations. I am placing My people in the governments; I am placing My people to be over all things. Trust
Me and Believe in Me. Let Me guide you and let Me cause your feet to walk those steps that I have placed in front of
you. Listen to My voice, open up those ears and listen like you never listened before; for the enemy will try to steal,
for he will try to come in, he will try to counterfeit what I am telling you; but if you listen and listen closely you will
hear My voice and you will know it is I who speaks to you. To give to this one, but not that one; to go here, but not to
go there; to open this door and to walk through, but do not walk through that one that is already open. Listen unto Me
for he will try to steal what I am going to give thee; but do not allow him.

Go to My word and seek My face when you are not sure what to do. Seek My face and I will show thee the way. Seek
My face for I have hidden treasures in My Word.


I was preparing my lesson for Sunday and began writing. At the time I thought it was about something I had just read
from the Word…..but the Lord began speaking and this is what He said:

In these last days we will see greater miracles, signs and wonders. Healings as limbs grow and blind see. Cancers
will fall off, tumors disappear, lifetime bondages fall like dust, demon deliverances in the multitudes.

God’s people, His remnant, will arise like a mighty army. Youth will be one in battle. NO FEAR will become THE HOLY

Once again our Father and Jesus our Savior will be raised to the highest level as man sees Him as Creator of all

As we lift Him higher and higher He’s Peace will begin to flow over and through us and we will rest in His Peace
knowing He is our High Priest, our Peace and our Avenger!

This is the generation I have chosen, says the Lord, to bring forth weapons of war not yet seen; Words not yet
spoken, revelations not yet known. This generation will see My Glory overshadow like the world has never seen
before. This generation will hear My Word as never spoken before, with power and authority.

I will raise up the low people and set them on high. I will astonish the wise of earth with My simplicity.

I the Lord will fill this earth with My Glory…Glory that has only been spoken of. You will see this Glory as it
overshadows those who hear My voice and will take the place I have prepared for them.

Hundreds, thousands, millions will turn back to Me because of your obedience, because of your love for Me.

I have prepared you for such a time as this. I will place Great Faith in your hearts, Faith unusual Faith, abiding Faith;
Faith for every reason. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob….I change not! They are Mine, you are Mine. I was
their Avenger and I am your Avenger. Follow Me, Trust Me, Believe My Words….speak My Words and they will
hear….they will listen….they will come and I will give them Peace…Peace like a river in the mist of their storms….
Joy I will give them…Joy that will confound their enemies and cause them to turn from their evil thinking.

Hear Me My children this I will do because of your faith and obedience, because you have stood and trusted Me, I
put My trust in you. Because of your love for Me I will endue you with My power on earth. My Spirit abides in you and
I am releasing power within you, you have yet to see and know. Trust Me, listen and obey and through My authority
and power, My hands will work greater and more powerful works across this nation and around this world.


January 16 2005

I want to prepare you for battle, says the Lord, I will raise up an army, an army no man nor demon of hell can stop.

This army will be made up of the poor, maimed, torn, broken, and weak.  This army will go in My Power, says the
Lord, This army will heed My call. This army will listen to My voice. This army will march into the enemy’s camp
without fear knowing…knowing who walks before them. For I the Lord am leading them. This army will not be turned
by doubt or fear, for I am putting in them boldness, the same boldness I gave My servant Peter.  The same anointing,
the same mantle will cover them as covered the apostles and prophets of old.

Blessings will follow them. Miracles will follow them. No mountain will be to high to climb…no valley to deep to go
through. For they will be holding to My unchanging hand.

I am arming them… I am equipping them.  They will march…they will follow…they will be
victorious…climbing…climbing ever higher to see Me…

You see this will be My Bride…My Passionate Bride…My Bride without spot or wrinkle…My Bride pure and holy. My
Bride who has prepared herself, adoring herself in pure white garments.  Waiting…watching…longing for My
appearing…the appearing of the promised Bridegroom.

The Youth of this nation will be a great part in this army.  The fearlessness they possess will be turned to My glory
and the gates of hell will not prevail against them.  For they will pick up the sword and run into battle…they will run
hard and fast, fearing nothing, for I their Lord have equipped them with My honor and My glory.

Worship Me in this hour…pray unto Me….make known your petitions to Me for now is the time….now is the hour I
will pour out My Spirit…My Power…My Glory upon My people to do greater works then ever before.

Worship Me…for in your worship I Come!  I come with blessings of Joy, blessings of Peace…blessings of Love….
blessings of Healings and Miracles.  In worship I come with new Visions, Dreams and Revelations.

As you worship we become closer and closer.  We become intimate friends…walking side by side…fellowshipping
together.  I will teach you many things…prepare you…prepare you so that even in the mist of the greatest storm.....I
am there and you will learn to praise Me there also.

Victory is yours for victory is in Me…I am victorious in all things and I live in you. Go in My victory…My Power…and
My Glory. Go into the streets, go into the highways and byways...compel My people to return to Me…compel them
with love and compassion…compel them for when I come I come Quickly/Suddenly.  My heart is open to their
cries…My ear is tuned to their prayers.  Go! Go! Go! They are hungry…feed them.  They are thirsty…give them to
drink…give them Living Water.  I will clothe them with My righteousness and seal them with My Glory. Go… My
children…Go… That My house might be full.

Go, fearing nothing.  You say but Lord all I have is my love and hunger for You…I say unto you as I turned Moses
staff into a weapon of war to destroy the enemy and fed My people I will use whatever you have.  

I will turn your feet into walking, running machines, I will turn your eyes to see into ‘My’ heart, I will turn your ears to
hear My voice, I will turn your mouth to speak My Words…Words of love and compassion to reach the poor, hungry
and destitute.  I will melt your heart to hear My heartbeat for the people.  I will use your hands to help…meeting
needs physically and raising them to worship Me.  I will place My Wisdom in you and give you a greater
understanding of My ways.  I will take and prosper you in ways you never even thought of…Blessings will begin
flowing from the portals of Glory…blessings you are to give away…Come unto Me…Come with passion and hunger
for I will fill you…Come…claim what is yours…what I have prepared for you…come My children…come and let Us
dance together.

Message #1, given by Mary Leigh Sutton:

The eagle’s eyes they have keen sight. The higher they fly the further they see. Do not despise the day of small
beginnings. I raise you up. Forget not where you come from. Do not become heady or high minded. Remain humble,
The Spirit of the Lord says, and I will exalt you. Many are called but few are chosen.

He has hidden us in a secret place. We are not to look like the world. We are not to compromise; to take advantage
of the benefits of the world; No. He says, He will provide; He is a very present help in a time of need; for He knows
what we have need of before we ask.

Read again and again, there is much more to see!

Message #2: given by Dee:

I keep hearing Him say, “Do not be afraid to step out into the unknown. For that 360 degree turn is right around the
corner and I have walked it before you. Lay before Me and receive instruction. Keep your ears open and in tune with
the Spirit. You will not fall. You will not stumble, if you will stay humble before Me. For I have ordered your steps for
such a time as this; That you will come forth and you will come forth as gold; that has been purified in the fire; For
such a time as this.

You shall be a light that is set upon a hill. You will be a beacon to the lost. They will see and they will come…they will
run, they will run to Me and I will meet them with open arms. For they are hungry, they are hungry. They are
searching. Go and find them and bring them forth. This is the day I call you forth. This is the day I call you forth.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! God!


There are times when the Lord will speak to me of things to come. He will tell me to get pen and paper and begin
writing.  Some of the words He gives me are for a particular body of believers and some are for whoever, wherever
He directs; as He sends me to different places.  I believe the Lord is calling special body of believers all over this
land……they are being set apart for a special plan and purpose. You are one of those body of believers……here
what the Lord is saying:


January 20 2008

Worship has come before Him as a sweet smell this morning. And for that reason He has come to grant peace. He
has come to restore joy. He has come to abide with us and to lead us, and to guide us this morning.

I hear the cry of your heart. I see the desire and the hunger. I will fill it! For I am leading, and I am guiding down a new
path. A new direction, but fear not because it is My direction. There is a fork in the road, but I am changing the
course. I am leading you higher. I am going to show you new things. I am going to give you new revelations. I am
going to show you things that the world has never seen before. Yea, yea, yea signs and wonders will follow. They
will know, they will see. It is I. It is I the LORD that loveth them. Compassion, compassion and Love will draw them. It
will draw them from around the world, for I am the magnet that draws them through you. You have set yourself
apart; you have allowed Me to work My wonders through you. It is because of this love, it is because of this
compassion that souls will be won, souls from around the world. Yea, yea, yea this Word will go forth. It wall go forth;
touching and it will heal, and it will deliver. For My Word is Truth and will set free and it will set the captive at liberty.

For I have shown you that healing is not just the body. Healing is mind, healing is soul, healing is emotions. This is
what causes people to fail. This is what causes people not to understand; for they do not understand that I am a GOD
that healeth thee. I am a GOD that healeth everything, in every department in every area this morning.

I am the God that works through you. What I have spoken I will do. What you need is at your disposal. For I have
opened the storehouse, both doors are open this morning. Take what you need. Speak it, and I will deliver it.

Every single tear, every single word, every single sound of laughter I have bottled up. And I have it set before Me.
Not one thing has past by Me, says the LORD. Not one thing has past by Me, but it sets before Me. Climb higher My
children, climb higher, for I have much to show you. Sit at My feet and I will teach you. Fear not. Fear Not for it is I
that lead’s you, and I would not lead you astray. You do not have to understand these things, you just follow Me.
Follow Me, says the LORD. Follow Me and we will walk beside one another. For you have stepped into My footsteps
this morning. You have stepped into My footsteps, you know the desire of My heart, and the will of My heart; for
there is a plan and a purpose for all of you this morning. And I will see that it comes to pass. Nay the enemy can not
stop Me. There is all authority in My name.

And My Spirit, listen to Him for He knows the Way, and He is My power to see and perform all those things that you
wished to see and desire this morning. He is here. He is there. He is with you and beside you, and in you and shall
work these miracles through you. Listen to His voice. Hear Him this morning, and know that it is I that speaks to you.
It is I. For those things that He hears He speaks unto you heart. Remember, remember, remember when I walked the
earth those things I heard of My Father I spoke, so the same is with My Spirit. Those things that you hear comes
from Me this morning. Hear My Words and know My children that I am with you. I have not forsaken you. I will never
leave you. I am authority in your life, and He is the power in your life. Lean upon Him; listen. Let your ears be
attentive. Let your ears be attentive to, the Spirit has you listen. Listen to what He has to say. You are My sheep and
you will hear and you will know the turn in the road. You will know when to take it. Do not doubt that I will lead you
through the right door, for if you try to get off the path of righteousness….I will close the door on the left and I will
cause you to walk into the door on the right. Refresh yourself, refresh yourself.

God bless all

Love in Christ
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The sound of this generation will sing a new song:
Unity  is the Key to Victory
TELL MY PEOPLE to prepare their garments for I am not coming for a weak church I am coming for a strong church. A
church that has prepared itself; a church without spot or wrinkle; a church that is watching and waiting for their bridegroom
and has adorned themselves with the beauty of holiness; for without holiness no man shall see God.

TELL MY PEOPLE that I am about to manifest Myself through them in ways the world has yet to see; supernaturally things
will begin to fall into place. The unexpected will manifest itself in unnatural ways for I am a supernatural God….so why do
you seek things carnally? Trust Me…have faith….extend your faith beyond what you can see; to what you cannot see; and
believe for the impossible. Speak the impossible and watch Me work. It will bring forth Amazing faith which will bring forth
Great faith; which causes you to break through to the supernatural realm of God’s glory. This faith will bring about
supernatural happenings that will reach around the world. It will touch the untouchable. It will bring down false
governments. It will bring down and expose evil plans….devised to bring man back into captivity.

TELL MY PEOPLE I am coming to do a new thing in this generation. To work through them as never before. A new wave of
My glory will turn stony hearts’ into hearts of flesh that I can minister to.  I am calling My church to repentance. Those who
will listen and hear what the Spirit is saying will understand and bow before Me again….and I will work through them to see
many torn, maimed, wounded restored. They will take their place among the bride and I will clothe them with My
righteousness as before. Fear not to step out into where you have never been. Be as the prophets of old: Moses led My
children out of Egypt not knowing where I was taking them; believing My promises, Abraham left his homeland to a place he
did not know, believing I was leading and My Words were truth. Joseph took Mary to wife while she carried God’s Son
believing the words of the angel.

TRUST ME when I say doors are about to swing wide open. Wide open into a place you have never been. You will minister to
many nations and people. With this opening there will be pitfalls along the way. But know I am your Refuge, your Hiding
Place, your Sword and Shield. Trust Me I will not fail you. I have not failed you in desperate times and I will not fail you in
prosperous times. Watch, be careful, for satan desires to sift you like wheat…but I have laid the foundation of your birth and
I will finish the work in you.

HOLD TO MY UNCHANGING HAND for it is strong. It is full of power and authority. Remember when I tipped your finger
in service that day? It was Me anointing you…touching you with power from on high to do what I am calling you forth to do.
Be at peace I am God. Be at rest I hold the keys to death and hell. I spoke and the earth was formed. I spoke and the animals
were. I took dirt and made man a living soul and as I breathed life into him. IS THERE ANYTHING TO HARD FOR ME?

I TELL YOU THERE WILL BE AN ESTHER placed at the top that will influence this nation…and bring it to its knees again.
This is a time to be very watchful and remember the world and its fleshly desires may sound good but it is against Me and
My righteousness. You cannot serve two masters. Hold to My unchanging hand for you are about to see changes in
government; changes in banking; changes in churches; changes, some good, some bad for with blessings comes a counterfeit.
These changes will fool the very elect of God if they can. Know that I am in the mist and will not allow you to be deceived. I
will hold you in the palm of My hand as I lift you higher and higher to see what I see….and wept as I wept for the nations.
Fear not your release is at hand. Many will come, many will speak My name, many will be healed. Do not fear for I AM
leading you into the great river of souls…souls waiting to hear the Good News.

Rejoice for I AM about to open the windows
of heaven and pour out a blessing. A blessing upon
My church. My church will rise up and
accomplish what I have called them to do.
Rise up church,
rise up and let the world see!
In Christ love and the fellowship of
His body
Bob, Dee and Marilyn

Sunday; morning the LORD began speaking to me. When I thought about what He was saying, '
'Tell My people', Tell My people', Tell My people' an urgency came over me to get the Word out to as many as I could. So
here is what He said:

TELL MY PEOPLE to prepare themselves for My coming.

                                                Tell My people to put on their garments of Praise and begin to worship Me. Worship Me in spirit
and truth. Worship Me because they love Me. Worship Me for in their worship I come. I come with blessings. I come with
promises. I come to revive them.

TELL THEM to put on their battle suit. I will come and lead them into battle; for with great blessings comes great warfare---
but fear not I have won the war; .and you have also because of My Word. It covers you as My blood covers you. Stand upon it;
.eat it;. wear it like a cloak; for you can trust it and it only. Heaven and earth will pass but My Word stands forever.

TELL MY PEOPLE to make themselves ready for a great outpouring of My Spirit. An outpouring they have been crying out
for. An outpouring the world has yet to see.