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The sound of this generation will sing a new
Unity  is the Key to Victory and Power
In Christ love and the fellowship of His body
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Good morning and may the blessings of our God cover each one today and every

Again I would like to encourage all concerning America. As we look around all we
see are storms rising from the Eastern countries to the West; one crisis after
another. It seems like corruption and deception is everywhere. The enemy’s plans
are to destroy America and enslave its people as in the past. But God has other
plans for America.

America was founded on Christianity and the enemy has tried to completely
destroy our faith and belief in the only true and living God. But I am here to tell
you America will rise again in power and glory as her people humble themselves
before Yahweh, the Creator of all. As America begins to bow again to the God who
created her we will see many changes take place suddenly and quickly. We
cannot see with the natural eye or understand all that is happening but if we will
tune our ears we can hear what the Spirit of God is saying and it will cause us to
see beyond the natural into the heart of God. Below is another Word in Poetry the
Lord gave me concerning America, its people and His love for all.

Word from the Lord

A crack in the door, you’ll see a little ahead
This nation and I are about to wed
People praying as before
As I open the door a little more

There’s coming a great shifting of the powers to be
As America bows again to worship Me
Be alert and don’t be surprised
As you see My glorious church arise

M church defending what is right
Heaven and earth join in the fight
Father God has given His best
Jesus is saying, “Come unto Me I’ll give you rest.”

Tho there are battles we’ll surely engage
Our greatest weapons are worship and praise
Allies from around the world will see
The change in America is Christianity

American to Christ is coming back
And that my friend is a fact
Mercy and Grace I spread anew
For all the valleys and fire you’ve been thru

Pouring out My new wine
For you and I to dance and dine
Daughter I see the smile on your face
As a piece of My glory you taste

I am the Rock on which you stand
Lord You are the Light the Great I AM!
Sitting here grinning from ear to ear
You take away any and all my fear

The world just seems to fade away
As I sit in Your presence today
The peace and rest I feel
Makes me know You are real

Reaching down Your hand from above
Touching my soul in tender love
Breaking bondages and chains
As my path You re-arrange

For this I surely know
You are with me wherever I go
Judgment coming that’s for sure
Thru the fires you will endure

America from the ashes will arise
As the sins that engulfed her dies
A new and glorious nation she will be
As she bows and worships Me

A beacon for all nations to see
All power and authority is in Me
In Me there is nothing to fear
I hold mankind on so dear

I am your closest and dearest friend
And I will fight for you till the end.

How beautiful are His promises to all who trust and believe.

Blessings to all
Dee Knupp      
Partner in Power In Unity Ministries