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The sound of this generation will sing a new
Unity  is the Key to Victory and Power
In Christ love and the fellowship of His body
Bob, Dee and Marilyn
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Word from the Lord in Poetry
May 20 201

In obedience to what I ask
Completing each assigned task
A time of rest just ahead
As the Gospel you will spread

A little here a little there
As My Word you begin to share
People hungry need to hear
That the Lord is very near

Hearts are troubled and distraught
Help them remember what I taught
My word is filled with truth
Revealing wrong and uncouth

As My Word I have sent
Causes them to kneel and repent
Resting in Me for a while
Turning their frowns into a smile

Enjoying the green valley while you rest
Before the next trial the next test
For surely Satan will come with a scheme
Hopes to falter your hopes and dreams

But I’m on My throne My friend
And with you to the end
A star awaits for all of those
My blood covers from head to toes

The battle’s already won
As you continue to follow the Son
Changing times ahead for sure
Rest in Me I’ve won the war

Blue skies up above
I am tenderness and love

As I weave each thread in place
All is well nothing displaced

No time to fear or dread
The Son is always ahead
At the top of the mountain together we stand
As we look across this land

Vision: suddenly the Lord and I were standing on top of a mountain. His hair
was brown and about at His shoulders; He had on a white robe down to His
feet. As we stood there the wind was blowing through our hair; pushing it
backwards. I could see the vastness of America; from Maine to Florida, from the
East coast to the West coast. I could see Canada bordering America. Then as
the Lord stretched out His arm motioning from west to east He spoke these

North and South hear the call
West and East tear down the wall
Marching as one hand in hand
As we take back God’s promise land

A new day just ahead
As together we take wine and bread
The Lord revealing His whole heart
To give America a brand new start

United together we took a stand
Told Satan, “This is our land”!
With one voice we shout and sing
Jesus is Lord, Savior and King!

Thank You for cleansing America at the core
We now shout FREEDOM from shore to shore
You are our Lord, High Potentate
On You we patiently await

As we shout with one voice
Christ Jesus is our Choice!
Word in poetry from the Lord to me
Hand written by Dee