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The sound of this generation will sing a new
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Good morning to all

The other day someone called me who was in the midst of a fiery battle. They
asked me a question, ‘what do you do when you feel overwhelmed, when your
mind is being tossed this way and that?

The first thing that came to mind was worship. I told him when I don’t know what
to do, which way to turn or which door to walk through I do one of two things;
sometimes both: 1)I begin worshipping and 2)I let the Spirit pray for me because I
don’t know how to pray at that time and I don’t want the enemy to know how hard
he is hitting me, and I sure don’t want to pray amiss. After we talked a while we
prayed and hung up. The next morning during my prayer and worship time I
began reading some of the Words the Lord had given me.

It just so happened, that the second one I read leaped off the page; it was talking
about Radical Worship and its importance.  This is what I believe the Lord would
have me share with you this week. It is so important that we find that place of
worship, that ‘alone time’ with HIM if possible every day; for there is where our
strength comes from; being in His presence.

But as it is written: “
Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the
heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him. I
Corinthians 2:9


As I began worshipping that morning I kept hearing the word ‘radical’ over and
over again. It was as if I had been asking the Lord about worshipping radically but
had not opened my mouth to say a word. He was reading my mind.

The last week or so I had been thinking about worshipping radically so I went to
church and did just that; just me and the Lord. It was an awesome time! That
week we had visited a church to me seemed to worship radically but when the
visiting Prophet got up to speak one of the first tings he said was: ‘you need to
begin worshipping radically’, quote unquote.

Maybe that was what triggered my interest and why the Lord began speaking to
me about Radical Worship. So I picked up my pencil and began listening to what
the Spirt wanted to say. This is what I heard:

Yes, My daughter, radical changes are coming to My church, to My people. As I
continue to move back the veil of understanding, the veil of wisdom and
discernment. As I continue revealing My desires for this generation.

I am sending a Holy Anointed Fire to cleanse the earth, preparing, preparing for
My glory to fill the earth again. I am sending a new wave, a wave to rescue the
perishing, a Wave of Joy, a Wave of Hope that will cause My people to return to
their First Love….return to Me.

In repentance and worship this Wave of Joy will rapidly change this to that. This
Joy will cause a new sound to go up towards heaven that will stir the
atmosphere; that will scatter the powers of darkness that fill the heavenly realm. It
will cause their influence to diminish over leaders; yes you will see leaders bow
before Me in worship. As I reveal Myself to them their eyes will be opened and the
enemy exposed. I will see nations free as I come into the midst of their worship.

Radical change is coming; with radical change comes radical responsibilities. For
in this Radical Worship the angels will come and worship with you. The sounds of
earth will be heard and we will worship together; in song, in praise, in dance, in
shouts. Shouts with colors of amber, worship with colors of red, blue and purple.
In worship comes clearer visions, clearer revelation. Worship opens many doors
and defeats your enemy; for in worship he is dissolved and every plan depleted
of its power.

Worship blinds the enemy and brings My presence and in My presence is Joy,
Peace and Laughter. Be radical in your worship for it touches My heart and I will
radically send blessings and favor upon you.

Do not be afraid to step out for I am leading you into that New Wave of  Worship
and Power. It is the old made new; the old revived, restored, bringing refreshing,
healing and strength to My people; as they remember who I am in them.

For the earth is groaning, people are groaning. They are hungering, thirsting for
knowledge; for change. This Radical Worship, this Wave of Joy will spread
across the land with an anointed fire crushing the enemy, revealing truth. This
Radical Worship will cause My love to spread across that land and then to other
nations; releasing power and authority, releasing those in bondage, setting the
captive free.

Hear Me My children, humble yourself before Me. pray, seek My face for with
humility comes tears of joy releasing praises from your heart, turning into true
worship where I come and wash away every tear.

Return to worship and see Me work untold blessings in your life; for eye has not
seen nor ears heard what I have planned for those who love Me.

Do not think I ask a strange thing. For all this is, is rekindling the flames of the
former; igniting the flames of yesteryear. Remember your Creator, remember
Calvary. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I change the old to new
variety for each generation and this is the generation who will see My glory fill the
earth again.

Awake My children! Awake to Radical Worship. I will perform radical miracles,
signs and wonders through this generation. I will move through the meek and
mild ones; the unseen. They will come forth as My shining stars.

Be alert; be aware of your enemy. With open ears hear what the Spirit has to say.
For He will lead you through every fire, across every river and keep your feet
upon the path I have set before you.

Listen to His instruction for He knows the way. Follow His lead for He will show
you things to come and open doors no man can shut. He is your strength, your
Comfort, your Guide and Teacher. He is The Revelator of wisdom and knowledge.
He is My Promise to you and to all who acknowledge Me. hear what He is saying
to the church today---

Radical Worship brings radical change. It brings heaven to earth, breaks every
chain of bondage; releasing love and joy and peace the world cannot give. It
releases faith that moves mountains and sets the captive free!

I don’t know about you but I’m about to shout just writing this Word down on
paper. What more can I add? Except ponder what the Lord has spoken to His
people today.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and
seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and
will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears
attentive to prayer made in this place. For now I have chosen and sanctified this
house that My name may be there forever, and My eyes and My heart will be there
perpetually. II Chronicles 7:14-15

Blessings to all

Dee Knupp
Partner in Power In Unity Ministries