The sound of this generation will sing a new song:
Unity  is the Key to Victory and Power
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In Christ love and the fellowship of
His body
Bob, Dee and Marilyn
Good morning and blessings from the Lord.
I do not put Words the Lord gives me on our website unless He says, ‘My people
need to hear this’….This is one of those times. There are many other ministries who
have been waiting questioning when, where and how the Lord is going to open
doors for them. Also the warning to Pastors and teachers is so needed.
Please do not be offended we
(notice I said ‘we’), as humans, can get in a rut at
times if we are not careful…..personally I considerate the warning a love letter from
the Lord to refresh and remind me of the many souls out there needing to hear
truth. We as His people need to listen to His Holy Spirit more today and in the days
ahead as never before….it is time for GOD’s church to wake up and CRY aloud,
spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet; and tell My people their
.(Isa 58:1)….it is time for us to Go through, go through the gates!
Prepare the way for the people, build up, build up the highway! Take out the stones;
lift up a banner for the people!
(Isa 62:10)


While meditating, the LORD got my attention by repeating Peru, Peru, Peru; my ears
perked up as I realized He wanted to talk with me.  But when I began listening it was
different. I do not remember asking but I must have asked the Lord about the time of
release because He began with:

The time is not yet but soon you will look back and the path you have been on will
just be dust. There is a turn ahead, a new path I have been preparing you for.

A launching pad is where something has been being prepared for a quick and
sudden change….like a rocket that sits and one step at a time is being prepared for
a certain time to suddenly blast off.

That is how your life will turn…suddenly and quickly. Be alert, beware your enemy
will be waiting to snatch your blessings. Listen to My Spirit He will guide you every
step safely.

Be patient; know I have a plan and purpose. I have been preparing the world for a
new thing, a new wave of My glory to come down…to revive…to stir…to deliver…to

The enemy has been pulling out all the stops but remember I am the I AM. I am King
of kings, I am the Creator and I have won the war. Remember the battles are Mine.

In the new wave let Me guide you as I have in the past and you will come forth as
pure gold, showing the love of My Father through you walk.

As you have seen and tasted the nations are hungry, Nigeria, Liberia, Pakistan are
but a few. Soon I will show Myself as I did when I walked the earth…this time
through My Spirit. I will exalt whom I will exalt and put down whom I will put down.

I will show this generation glorious things through My chosen vessels. Be ready, be
watchful for as the chariot of fire came down and quickly took My servant My Spirit
will suddenly release your ministry. You have been chosen My children to take My
Word to the nations and nothing changes My planned purpose for you. What I have
spoken will come to pass.

Here my heart began racing and my smile broadened as I realized and understood
the awesomeness of our journey ahead.

Then I again heard Peru, Peru, Peru again and He said to me, ‘Peru is a nation who
has been waiting, hungering to see My Truth. They have been in limbo for many
years but I am about to send My Word to fill the void and turn them around. Many
servants will come forth from Peru through this revival and I will send them forth
too many nations with the Truth…delivering them, healing them.

Relax all is well. Soon the lessons you have learned from this path will be the
weapons to draw from on this new path. Remember there is a season for all things
and I am in charge of every season.

Continue to pray for the nation’s leaders and take authority over evil. But do not be
concerned for I have My servants in hidden places soon to be revealed and take
their appointed positions.

You wonder how a whole nation can change suddenly….I will change the heart of its
leaders. Watch and see for you will be a part of what I am about to do. Be patient for
the time is near when your hands will touch what they never knew and your eyes will
see what they have never seen, My glory to be revealed on earth as never before….
waves here and floods there.

Changes come…great changes when My glory is revealed and people are set free.
Rejoice for when you see these things come to pass you will remember we sat and
talked this day. Rejoice I say again rejoice…I am near.

There was a seemingly long pause, I thought He was through but then came….

My glory will come with thundering and lightning’s but with gentleness and love to
set My people free.

My people have been bound up…bound up in traditions and doctrines afraid to
disobey what man has taught them. My people need to trust Me, be willing to step
out into the unknown. My people are stagnated, polluted with evil worldly doctrines;
which binds them up…mix them up; their ears are itching but their heart is still
searching for truth. I am that Truth.

Beware Pastors, beware teachers. Do not water down My Word to soothe the soul….
preach trust, preach warfare, preach love, preach holiness and separation from
worldly things that taint the soul and confuse their spirit.

It is time to wake up you spirit. It is time to listen once again to My Spirit as He
reveals truth. Truth for this generation to be set apart and sanctified unto Me.

Pastor, teachers, beware, teach truth. You are called to feed My sheep…you are
called to feed My lambs. I will exalt those who obey and avenge those who have led
astray….many souls hang in the balance.

Beware; be careful for I come quickly My glory to be revealed. This door will be open
shortly for a season…then shut and no man can open it. Come Pastor, come teacher
bow before Me and I will teach you of things to come…come I will manifest Myself in
ways you have not known. Come let us walk together and soon we will be dancing.

Come as My Spirit draws…come naked and I will clothe you with My glory. Come
empty and I will fill you with understanding and wisdom. Come hungry and I will fill
you with My Word which will be like honey to the taste but bitter to your belly. Come
thirsty and I will fill you with Living water that will cause boldness as in Peter to
preach truth….changes in you as with Paul. Come I will make you strong as a lion,
gentle as lambs and wise as eagles. I will make you kings and priests in My kingdom.

I kept hearing over and over come, come, come sit at My feet I will teach you.
Worship Me in the beauty of holiness….come….come….come….come.
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