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In Christ love and the fellowship of His body
Bob, Dee and Marilyn
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Good morning friends,

This week we are honoring one of our friends and co-workers in the Lord’s kingdom from
Pakistan. He is a very dedicated servant of the Lord. He sent this Letter, the Lord  wrote
through him, and asked if we would post it on our website. To see a sea of souls redeemed
before Christmas is his heart’s desire.

So to honor this servant of God and the Lord we are posting it this week on our website. May
it bless all of you as it has blessed us all here. We are withholding his name for his safety
reasons since he lives in a country hostile to our savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Ties the season, to listen to what the heart of our Savior and receive Him into our heart.

My beloved lost sheep,

Peace be unto you. I am your Shepherd who is writing to you this letter for your salvation.
My dear sheep, I have been thinking about you for many years. Why are you lost in this
world and allow Satan to take control over you?

Why are you still under curse of sin and power of darkness? Why have you chosen this
wrong way? Why are you going toward the way of hell of fire? This is dangerous thing for
your life. This is why I am writing to you this letter today for your safety and salvation.
This letter will bring new life, new hope and great changes in your life. You will see some
things new in your life and My glory will appear to you. My lovely sheep, I was born for you in
a common place, a manger about 2000 years ago and came in this world for your salvation
not for any other purpose.

I came to earth and become your Savior and Salvation. I came on this earth to save you and
set you free from the curse of sin and from the prison of the devil.

I know very well about you that you have done wrong things and committed many sins. I want
to forgive you of all your sins.

Satan is a liar and deceiver and he separated you from me for many years and made a wall
of sin between us.

I want to restore our relationship and take down this wall between us. This is the time for
your salvation. This is the time for your deliverance. This is the day of salvation for you. You
are My sheep and I am your Shepherd.

I have salvation gift for you. I have been waiting for you for many years. I want to save your
soul. This is the time for your salvation and forgiveness.

I can’t bear to be separated from you anymore. I am eager for you to come close to Me. I
want to come close to you and live with you forever.

I love you so much My lovely sheep. I want to fill your heart with My pure and true love.
My lost sheep come to Me and return to your real and peaceful home. My salvation and
kingdom door is open for you.

I am your Good Shepherd. My heart is weeping for you for many years. I weep every day for
your salvation.

I don’t want to see you in sinful nature and unclean form any more. You are created for My
glory and purity.

I want to wash you and clean you. I want to change your sinful nature.

I have been knocking at your heart’s door for many years. Listen to My sweet and soft voice.
Please open the door of your heart for Me.

I want to come in your heart and be your Lord, King and Savior. I can hardly wait for this to

I want to bring peace, joy, hope and true love and holiness in your life. I am your Savior and

I want to give you eternal life. I prepared My Kingdom for you. Come and claim your
inheritance in My kingdom.

As you are reading this letter so I am standing near to you. My arms are open for you and I
want to embrace you.

Give Me your heart My sheep. I want to ask one question of you. Do you love Me my sheep?
Do you want to come back to Me, my sheep? Do you want to get My salvation My lovely

Take a step and don’t wait. Don’t waste any more time. Get up today.

I want to come in and manage your heart and decorate it for Myself. I am your real and
perfect King. I am your Lord. I am your Good Shepherd and Savior

I want to hear your voice say and reply to Me today. I love you My lovely sheep. My love is
calling you come back to Me today; reply to Me today.

On My lovely sheep, maybe it is your last chance today. Get your salvation gift from Me. I am
ready to give you salvation gift.

Do you want to receive Me as your Lord, King and Savior? If you want to do this, please pray
this simple prayer with me:

Your Shepherd and Savior
Lord Jesus Christ
From the kingdom of heaven

If you want to receive Christ into your heart today please pray the prayer below:
I Repent from all my sins today. I Kneel down before You today and ask You Lord to forgive
all my sins past and present. I receive You into my heart as my Lord and Savior. Amen and
amen and amen.

Blessings to all from
Power In Unity Ministry

A Letter from Jesus Christ given to one of His servants in Pakistan