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God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. That He has always been and forever will be.

Mark 12:29; Matthew 28:19; Isaiah 43:10; Duet. 6:4

We believe: That God is the creator of all things and that He created man in His image.

Genesis Chapters 1-2; Colossians 1:16

We believe: That the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God; that the Holy Ghost anointed men to write for knowledge, revelation and

II Timothy 3:16; Colossians 1: 26-28; Amos 3:7;

Matthew 16:17; I Corinthians 2: 9-15; II Peter 1: 20-21

We believe: In the whole Bible, rightly divided. The Old Testament as history whereby they lived under the Law that only covered sin
through sacrifices and the New Testament that Jesus established at Calvary, where Christ did away with all sin. We now live under

Leviticus 16:34; I Corinthians 5:7; Ephesians 2:5-6; Colossians 2: 9-15;

Romans 6:14; Romans 7:6

We believe: That Jesus was born of a virgin and He is God’s only Son. He gave up His throne in Glory to come to earth as a man and die
on a cross, was buried and rose again: Defeating sin forever and freeing man from their sins.

Isaiah 7:14; Luke 2: 30-35; Mark 15: 24; Mark 15: 46; Luke 24: 6; John 13:3;

John 1: 1-2, 14; John 14: 6; Colossians 2: 13-15; Galatians 4:4-5; Romans 8:34

We believe: That all have sinned and only through Jesus Christ, God’s Son, will we be able to be set free from the bondage of sin and
receive eternal life.

Romans 3:23; John 14:6; I Corinthians 15: 20-22

We believe: In the Repentance, New Birth, Sanctification and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in other

Acts 3:19; Acts 2:38-39; John 3:5-6; John 17:16-17; I Corinthians 1:30; Acts 15:8-9;

II Timothy 2:21; I Corinthians 6: 9-11; I Thessalonians 4: 4; Acts 2:1-4

We believe: That holiness is God’s way to live and without it no man will see the Lord.

I Thessalonians 4:7; Romans 12:1; I Peter 1: 16; II Corinthians 7:1;

Hebrews 12:14; Luke 1: 75-76

We believe: That the Holy Ghost is our source of Power; to walk and have the boldness to speak the Word of Truth, in love, that all might
hear and come to the knowledge of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and be saved.

Acts 1: 4-8; Acts 2: 2-18; Acts 4:13; Matthew 28:18-20

We believe: In following the way of Christ in water baptism by emersion.

Matthew 28:19; Mark 1:9-11; John 3: 22-23; Acts 8: 36-38

We believe: In the Lord’s Supper and the washing of the saint’s feet by Jesus as our supreme example.

Luke 22: 17-20; I Corinthians 11: 23-26; John 13: 3-17

We believe: In divine healing through the atonement, for the body of Christ.

Isaiah 53: 4-5; Matthew 8:17; James 5:14-16; I Peter 2:24

We believe: That the whole body, the church, is ‘One’ body and should exist in Unity.

John 15: 10,11,21-23; Ephesians 4: 1-6;

Ephesians 4: 11-13; I Corinthians 12: 11-26

We believe: In eternal life for the righteous and eternal punishment for the wicked. There is a heaven to gain and hell to shun.

Matthew 25: 46; John 10:28; I John 5: 11-13; Romans 6:22

Mark 3:29; II Thessalonians 1:8-9; Revelations 20: 10-15; Revelations 21:8

We believe: That LOVE is the key to UNITY and brings Joy and Peace to all believers.

I Thessalonians 4:9; I Corinthians 13: 4-8, 13; Matthew 5:44; John 11:3;

Romans 13:8; I Peter 2:17; I John 4:7; Hebrew 13:1; John 15: 13;

II Corinthians 5:14; Proverbs 10:12; Psalms 133:1; Genesis 13:8;

Hebrews 13:1; Romans 12:9-10; I Peter 1:22

We believe: In the New Testament of giving.

John 3:16-17; Matthew 5:17-18; Romans 10:4;

Hebrews 8:7-8; I Corinthians 2:9; Luke 6:38

We believe: In the second return of Christ for the church. First to resurrect the dead saints and then to catch away the living saints to
meet Him in the air. After a seven year time of tribulation, Christ will return and reign for a thousand years, then the great White Throne

I Corinthians 15:52; I Thessalonians 4:14-17; II Thessalonians 2:1; Zechariah 14:4; Acts 1:10; John 5:28; II Thessalonians 1:7-10;
Revelation 5:10; Acts 24:15.Jude 14,15; Revelations 19:11-21; 20: 4-6;
The sound of this generation will sing a new song:
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