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Hi ….. and greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I’d like to begin by introducing myself. I am Dee (King) Knupp and this is my husband Bob.  We are both very dedicated to our Lord.  He is
first in all we do and say.  Where He leads we will follow……..that includes listening to His Spirit and taking this leap of faith into ministry.
Though we were both in ministry before we met we are now ordained by Richard Roberts under Oral Roberts Ministries; and Bob is now
Let me go back to a little history, so you know where I am coming from and how Power In Unity began.  The last thirty years of my life has
been a miracle, to say the least…..let me explain.

In December, 1998 I moved to Winslow, AZ with the intent of caring for my parents in their maturing years…..this I did, but the Lord had a
much greater plan in mind.

You see ever since I met the Lord, at age eighteen, I can’t seem to get enough of Him.  The more He gives me and more I want…..I guess
that’s the way it should be….He has so much to give…..and all He ask is that we say ‘yes’ to whatever He wants us to do. Sometimes the
things He ask us to do seem foolish, even silly…..but obedience is most important to the Lord. (I Samuel 15:22) (I Corinthians 1:27-28)

That’s where my miracle life comes in.  While the Lord did tell me to go to Winslow and care for my parents, which I thank Him for,……He
had something else planned also….He was taking me to Lo-debar, which means, ‘nothing or a desert place’, to teach and prune me for
service. In the Word of God the city of Lo-debar is located in Gilead, a desert area north of Jabbok. (This is where Jonthan’s son lived, king
David’s blood friend and son of king Saul. (II Samuel 9:3-7)) Read about this awesome story.

This place called LoDeBar is where the Lord takes those who hunger and thirst for Him.  Thirst for His Wisdom….and hunger for more
knowledge of His ways. In my case He took a very shy-backwards person and caused me to do a 380 degree turn-about.

During this time in Winslow He took me into much prayer and fasting, which brought about much needed inter-healing. While praying one
Saturday morning at the church, the Lord took me all the way back to when I was two years old….and began healing very deep wounds.  
To be able to take the Lord’s burden’s/calling we must first give Him all our excess baggage (pain, hurts, gods, bitterness, anger, etc.), all
that stuff that gets in the way of total unconditional service to Him.  We can’t help our brothers/sisters if we’re bogged down. (Luke 6:41-

My Lord than began pruning me…..He first asked me to walk around the City of Winslow and claim it for Him.  I said ‘yes Lord’, but at the
time didn’t realize what a task that would be. A couple of days later I questioned the Lord concerning the walk. I said, ‘Lord this is a great
task for me, I am but one person, how can I do this?’  He then said, “I want you to ask all the church to join you….to Unite”.  I said, ‘Yes
Lord, that’s a wonderful idea.’ …of course He knew that.  That was just the beginning of things to come and from that day to this my life
has never been the same. I want to also add that during this time of pruning and teaching, the Lord gave me a wonderful prayer partner,
who is to this day still my close wonderful friend.

I thought when it was finished the march…I was finished….but not so….A couple of weeks later on a Saturday morning the Lord woke me
up…..I sat straight up in my bed….He began speaking to me about writing a book……I said ‘Who me?’….I do not know how to write a
book…’ After discussing it a while I said, ‘Yes Lord, may I ask You for something?  He said, ‘What my daughter’. I said I can only do this if
the Holy Ghost uses these hands and You guide and walk with me.’  He said, ‘It’s already done’.   There is so much to tell in-between why
and what all happened…but I’ll just say that next the Lord told us to start a Saturday night prayer meetings….hoping to unite all the

We had Saturday night prayer meetings for about 18 months then God changed the direction again. The Lord during all this time has given
me many visions and revelations, the doors of blessings are beginning to open…..and the way the Lord put it to me is….’The doors will
SLAM Wide open.’  Now you have to admit that’s a different way of saying it. He also said when things begin to happen they will happen
SUDDENLY and QUICKLY…and they have.

In October of 2004 the Lord said to sell my house. He said give it to a realtor…so I did, and the house sold in three weeks for exactly what
He said I would get. I moved into my sister’s house, helping them and me, until I paid off some bills.  (My dad died during this time on
November 24 2003 and my mom moved to Alabama to live with my sister) This is also when I met my husband to be…..God does work
‘quickly’ and ‘suddenly’…..because getting married was not in my plans or thoughts.  

Let me tell you a little about that….amazing….the Lord had already told me that my ministry would begin in Georgia….well the only person
I knew that lived in Georgia was my oldest son, so I called him and asked if he would mind me moving in with him for a while after I moved
there. To make a long story shorter….not long after that I met Bob, who has also been called into ministry….and guess where his main
office is….that’s right Atlanta, Georgia.

Next thing I knew Bob ask me to marry him….I’ve quit my job (good pay, benefits, retirement and insurance, etc.) and moved to Atlanta,
Georgia, where Bob and I got married.  When God tells you to do something….we need to obey no matter what it looks like….for He has a
plan and all He asks is for us to trust and obey. During our first few months of marriage my mom passed away, June 10 2004. This also
shows God’s mercy and love because mom was living in Auburn, AL and I was now close enough to be with her during her last days.

I’m trying to close…but there is so much more to say. Our mission is:

1) To take A WORD from the heart of God to His people.

2) To tell them the importance of UNITY in the body. And

3) Remind us of the Christ POWER that lives in each of us.

4) To teach the body of Christ about SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

You will find this Word He gave me/us in Our Mission Statement on the next page.

We truly believe in the Power of Christ. We believe in allowing the Holy Spirit to work among us through signs, wonders and miracles of
healing and deliverances, etc.

If you desire us to come and speak God’s word to your people, please call or e-mail us. We are obeying the Lord as He anoints us for
service with signs and wonders and in the deminstration of His Power!

We would love to hear from you.  Blessings to all from the Lord above.

Dee (King) Knupp

Bob Knupp
The sound of this generation will sing a new song:
Unity  is the Key to Victory
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In Christ love and the fellowship of His body
Bob, Dee and Marilyn